The Enemy’s Territory

I’ve been away from my blog for a while. I return with good news. The Enemy’s Territory is finished! Read the synopsis and then run over to Amazon to pick up your copy. Click Here Emerald City Nightclub is the hottest, largest, sexiest club of its kind. Pacino Harris, the ambitious owner, built his empire from…


And so it begins…The walk. I’ve decided to earn one of those stickers. The ones in black and white. Minivans and mini coopers have them. Skinny people display them and tote their Asics tennis shoes. The famous 26.2 bumper sticker. Today, may not have been the best day to start as the temperature is expected to…

Who Is She?

Meet Author Kem M. Smith, BBA, MA ed., and MFA Candidate 12/16

Interview with Kem Smith

Kem Smith Interview Questions Hello and I hope that you are well. (I am well and thank you for asking ) 1. Please state your name, age and educational background. My name is Kem Smith. I am 41 yea… Source: Interview with Kem Smith

Kem and Breonna

Breonna is my oldest daughter. My life is currently consumed with planning her wedding. So much to do so little time.

K.I.S.S.’ing After Dark

The lyrics to the latest Beyonce song, Drunk in Love, bounce off the walls of the fourteen hundred square studio causing the sound activated strobe lights to ricochet across the wood dance floor. Sparks of red, blue, and green illuminate an audience of thirty plus women who gather on the far side of the room watching wide-eyed as nine performers take their places along the floor to ceiling mirrors a